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About Us

We started For EveryBunny for a simple reason - we love bunnies! But whenever we tried to find gifts for our bunny loving friends we could never find anything cute enough to represent our bunny love that we actually wanted to buy. After a series of horrible runs through HomeGoods with limited, cute bunny swag (especially for lop eared bunnies) we decided to try our hand at fixing this issue. We would make custom gifts for our friends, including cups and bunny plushies! So now we present to you our best attempts at solving this problem through our shop.

If you know of any cute bunny gear please let us know! We're always looking for cool new gifts for our friends. Even better, if you have any general bunny ideas for things you'd like us to make please let us know! We understand that there is not just one breed of bunny. This shop is designed for you to express your love for bunnies big and small!

You can contact us at hello@foreverybunny.com. Please don't hesitate to send us any feedback (good or bad!) or any ideas you may have.


*Don't have a bunny, but want to have custom merchandise of your furry friend (dogs, cats, etc..)? Don't worry, we got you covered! Contact us at our email listed above or head on over to the Custom Stuff page for more information about custom designed merchandise!*