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Fundraisers By For Everybunny

On July 22, 2017 we found out that one of the bunnies that we previously helped rescue in 2016 was found by animal control with a broken leg. This bunny was named Charmie. When I first met Charmie in early 2016 she was a sweet, plump little cutie who loved to flop and adored other bunnies.

There were many stories of how she ended up at the vets office and then at the rabbit rescue but all we know is that she was adopted in November 2016 from the rabbit rescue and then left to fend for herself in July 2017. Upon closer examination, it seemed like her leg was left broken for weeks and so there was no choice but to amputate the necrotic leg. On top of that, Charmie was very underfed and also had a heart murmur.

A few days after her rescue, her leg was amputated and there now is a long journey of healing and recovery ahead for this sweet girl. She requires 24/7 care, which includes changing her pee pads, cleaning her surgery incisions, and feeding her medicine and food daily. She will have continuous vet check ups to make sure she is healing properly and so because of this we started a mug fundraiser for her. 

We designed a mug that says Somebunny Loves You and shows a picture of Charmie with her 3 legs. We want Charmie to know that there are a lot of people caring about her and that together she can get past this ordeal and live a happy ending!

We ran the fundraiser for 3 days and received an outpouring of support from around the world! In total For Everybunny donated $200 from the mug sales to the Rabbit Haven who is taking care of her! And in addition, we received many messages from people donating directly to the rescue (if you add it all up, it's almost over $600 total in donations raised!). 

Thank you all so much for reading her story, sharing it, donating, and spreading your love and healing vibes to Charmie! We really appreciate how the bunny community comes together in a little bunny's time of need. :)

August 2017 Update: 

Charmie was previously under 24/7 care but now has moved to a foster home! In 2 months she will be ready for her final and forever home. Look at how cozy her x-pen is. We are all so happy she is doing well now!