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Custom Stuff

Calling all bunny lovers!

We all know somebunny who absolutely adores our furry, floppy, hoppy friends! Treat those hoomans to the best bunny gift out there with one of our one-of-a-kind gifts of love. Each item is customized with a drawing and/or writing to your specifications, and the design can be used on any number of items on our shop for a matching set of adorableness that every hooman is sure to love!

How it works

Decide what you want drawn! 

Pick out your favorite pics of your bunny-bestie (or other furry friends, we also do family photos if you have multiple!) and shoot us an email at hello@foreverybunny.com! We can do any type of animal as well for those cozy family photos! You should also pick out the items you’re thinking of getting with the custom art so we can understand how much space we have to work with when creating your perfect design!


We create the design!

We work with you to create the design to your exact specifications, recreating your bunny or other furry friends in all of their cuteness. Each design is handcrafted and a true labor of love! After the design is complete, we show it to you for your approval. We allow up to 3 revisions (99% of the time, it's perfect on the first try!) for print designs and up to 2 revisions for embroidered designs! 

You can refer to our customs section for some ideas from other hoppy shoppers!



Print it!

Select the items you want! We can put the design on any of the items we carry, from mugs to shirts to sweaters (except hats ): ), and the cost for each item will be as listed in our shop with no additional fee for placing the design on any number of items.

If you would like a custom hat or beanie, please email us at hello@foreverybunny.com!


How long?! I can’t wait! 

Designs typically will be turned around from 2-7 business days depending on current volume of orders! We do orders on a first come first serve basis and ensure every single person is completely satisfied before completing the order, so please order early if ordering for an event!

After completing the design and finalizing your choice of items, production will generally take 2-7 business days. Shipping will depend on your shipping elections, please refer to our shipping page. All merchandise is made to order just for you after you have purchased it from the shop.

What’s it cost?

The cost for designs generally ranges from $35 to $45+ depending on the number of animals to be drawn. For example, 1 bunny is $35, whereas 3 bunnies would be $45 for one design.

Design fees must be paid prior to the design work starting! Please note as the artist, I retain copyrights to the design.

Contact us with any questions at all! We’re happy to talk through any suggestions/comments/concerns you may have! You can reach us at hello@foreverybunny.com!