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Our Bunnies

Louie - My first bunny and the love of my life. Louie passed away in late 2016 but he will never be forgotten. He was the bunny that started it all and inspired me to create and dream everything bunny! He knew how to spin on command, loved head rubs, and devoured any fruit within seconds. He is famous for his super high flying binkies!   


Lulu - My sassy girl and a super white puffball. Lulu doesn't take no for an answer, she knows what she wants and that's what she gets! Interestingly enough, she doesn't like most veggies and does super cute, mini binkies every morning. She's most famous for looking like a moving, jumping cotton ball.   

Chester - My rescue bunny and could almost pass as Louie's little brother. Chester also loves head rubs and chews pellets 2x faster than Lulu. He's a sweet boy that melts the hearts of bunny lovers everywhere! Some say he looks like a baby seal or a bald old man.    

Willow - My newest rescue bunny, saved on May 30, 2017, at 5 weeks old. He's a ball of energy, binkying laps around his older siblings all day. He's growing way, way too fast, and loves to flop and bounce around like there's no tomorrow!


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