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Handmade Custom Lop Snow Globe*Reserved

Handmade Custom Lop Snow Globe*Reserved

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This listing is for a handmade dry snow globe with a lop bunny in the center! Each snowglobe will include 1 bunny with a santa hat, 1 tree, and 1 ornament topper (+ fake snow and some glitter of course)!

*The photo shown is an example of what the final product will look like!* These are made to order!

After you make your purchase, please send an email to hello@foreverybunny.com with the following details:

1. Let me know what color you would want the whole body of the bunny. I will only be able to paint it 1 solid color for the body for example: all white, or all beige, or all grey, etc. If you want a color other than white, I will try my best to make the shade of the color you request (I have to hand mix the colors myself so please expect some variances!). :) The color of the eyes/mouth will be brown or black depending on what the body color is. If you want a blue eyed bunny, I can definitely make that change.

(I may make an exception for adding small colored details, feel free to inquiry. If it is too complicated I might ask for an additional fee).

2. Refer to the photo with the trees and let me know what color tree you want in the order of preference (first come first serve). Green, cream, or turquoise. I have two sizes of trees (one a little bigger and one smaller) and I get to pick the size depending on what I have in stock).

3. Refer to the photo with the ornaments and let me know what color ornament you want in order of preference (first come first serve since I don't have enough of 1 color). Options are red, silver, gold, green. 

*Use the code YOUPICK for 15% off if you allow me the creative freedom to pick the colors of EVERYTHING listed above!*

Please note that because I hand make them, they are not going to be perfect but I can guarantee that they will be adorable!

Dimensions/other info:

  • Snowglobe itself is less than 4 inches tall (the ornament at the top makes it a little taller) and almost 3.5 inches wide (it is plastic and not glass- there is a thin line that goes around which you can see on the side view)
  • The bunny itself is about 1.25 inches tall and 1 inch wide
  • You can use the ornament loop to hang this up on your tree but I would NOT recommend it in case it isn't sturdy enough (it might fall and break)

Side note, shipping is only to the US/Canada right now (going to wrap them with extra care!).